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Process Instrumentation

Pressure measurement

Pressure on you to produce quickly, safely and efficiently. Not to mention the actual pressure in your process – which you need to measure with maximum precision at all times. Tailored to the specific requirements of your applications, Siemens pressure measurement devices provide the confidence you need in your instrumentation – helping to relieve some of that pressure.

Temperature measurement

Faster processes, higher product quality and lower costs – temperature measurement is at the foundation of your plant’s operations. Devices are easily integrated and designed for every application. Extreme conditions? Intrinsically safe? With globally recognized certificates? Siemens offers you a complete spectrum of temperature sensors and transmitters – all from a single source

Elevate your flow. From measuring to mastering.

Keeping your processes flowing takes more than just knowing all the parts. Combine our SITRANS F flow meter family with digital connectivity and intelligent analytics and get it all. The perfect technology for your processes and applications. The big picture from aggregated measurement data. A solid foundation for conserving resources, emissions, and energy. We help you do what.

Level up. From measuring to mastering.

Take your level measurement to the next level – with a great portfolio of level measurement devices for every application. Accurate, rugged, and reliable. From contacting to non-contacting devices. With digitalization that unlocks process mastery while saving resources. It’s all in our level measurement portfolio. Safety. Efficiency. Business continuity. Sustainability.


Weigh your options. From measuring to mastering

Experience excellence with field-proven weighing solutions – SIWAREX weighing electronics, load cells, belt scales, solids flowmeters, and weighfeeders. Conquer tasks flawlessly using cutting-edge technology for precise and top-class results. Efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability converge in our comprehensive weighing portfolio.