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Industrial Ethernet

SCALANCE X Industrial Ethernet Switches

Find the right switch for every application – whether managed or unmanaged: SCALANCE X Industrial Ethernet Switches are specially developed for use in demanding environments. Siemens offers product lines for specific tasks, with different functional ranges: including support for common standards, such as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP. Find your industrial switching portfolio for every application

Industrial IoT Gateways SIMATIC CloudConnect 7

Cloud applications are an important prerequisite for utilizing the benefits of digitalization in an industrial setting. With the Industrial IoT Gateways SIMATIC CloudConnect 7, even existing plants can be easily connected to a wide variety of cloud platforms that support the standardized MQTT protocol, such as to the MindSphere.

Communication for SIMATIC – best connections, thanks to the right CPs

CPs for the digital factory: Digitalization is picking up speed. More and more components along the entire value chain are generating important data. Data that needs to be transported, evaluated, and used quickly, efficiently, and securely for the digital enterprise. High-performance industrial communication networks – and system interfaces – are indispensable for this.